Kijang Innova Diesel, Comfort and Low Fuel ..

Kijang Innova Diesel, Comfort and Save ..

If not used to, many people can not distinguish between gasoline and diesel Innova. Because, common rail diesel engine that is used Innova has very smooth voice. Vibration is also low, especially when compared with conventional diesel engines.

"As a result, many people are mistaken. When at the gas station, they fill in the gasoline, "said Rouli H Sijabat, Public Relation of PT Toyota Astra Motor. "One of the easiest ways to notice, in addition to the front right and left, there is writing D4D. This marks for the diesel engine, "he said. And of course it could be added again, on the right side rear door there is a "2.5 (with E or G, according to variant).

Feeling Gasoline.
These conditions proved when Rouli deliver one unit of Kijang Innova Diesel made on September 2008 with the usage has reached 15,000 km. "It has borrowed by a lot of media friends (press). They drove it everywhere, "said Rouli.

More refined engine sound. Vibration is lower than conventional diesel engines. Nor exhaust pipe "smokey", the same as gasoline engines.

However, once considered more carefully, typical of diesel engines is still exist. Votes compared with gasoline-engine-still obvious. Vibrations can still be felt. However, after entering into the interior and all the doors and the glass is closed, conditions are the same as gasoline Innova. This condition also describe Toyota successfully isolate engine noise and vibration which are already low, spreading to the interior.

Then, loaded with a driver and two passengers, from trying to directly start in second gear. The aim is to prove the large torque at low rpm resulting machine! The result, once the accelerator is depressed, with smooth roads the car or no symptoms of "shaking". That proves, these diesel engines have great torque and can be obtained at low rpm. Spin machine was moved from 1000 rpm to 1200 rpm with the smooth!

During this time, for common rail diesel engine, which feared that the owner or prospective owner is to obtain diesel fuel with low sulfur content. In addition, the most expensive expensive than from other fuels-fuels that are also difficult to obtain.

"During the life of ordinary diesel fuel. Fill it with regular diesel, "said Rouli. We then fill with biosolar which has now become a standard diesel fuel in Indonesia. And of course, there are economic benefits, together with a premium price.

Innova Diesel Performance was also tested on the highway. At first it was less agile. A little patience to wait, after the round to reach 1400 rpm, pull feels tight, and the more responsive after reaching the round of 2000 rpm.

MPV was moving softly on the speed 70 km / h, at fifth gear, with 2000 rpm engine speed. This illustrates the Innova diesel-powered engines. With low speed, of course, economical fuel consumption. Even when the traffic situation a little creep, on third gear, 1800 rpm speed, the car was moving steadily at a speed of 35 km / hr.

Diesel Fuel Consumption.
During the tests, the fuel indicator needle position carefully noted. After 100 km mileage, the needle indicator is still on the top line of the fuel indicator. "How couldnt it drop-down?"

Finally, measured. At an average speed of 70 km / h, at fifth gear for 90 km distance, spend 5.6-litres diesel fuel. It means the Consumption only 16 km / litre. Its very economize.

Furthermore, they combined with other conditions, with distance 202 km. The result, the consumption is 14.7 liters of fuel. Curious, how consumption if the conditions of heavy traffic jams. The result, for the 46.8 km distance of 3.710 liters of spent fuel. Means, with fuel consumption of 12.6 km / liter.

With a frugal fuel consumption, compared with lower-capacity gasoline engine, and biosolar price equal to the premium, even greater economic benefits derived from Innova Diesel.

Equipped CC.
Additional information obtained from Iwan Abdurachman from, Part Training of PT TAM, he said: common rail diesel engine with a code 2KD Innova-FTV, which also features a turbocharger, it has to meet Euro-2 emission standards. "The latest version, in 2007, equipped with a catalytic converter (cc)," he said. Added also, there are adjustments on the engine computer and other components. With such conditions, diesel engines are now proven to be more reliable!

"We have also proved the use of various types of Pertamina's diesel fuel standards (not Pertamina Dex), from Aceh to Jakarta, there is no problem with the Kijang Diesel. Everything went well, "he said. This also dismissed the negative assumptions about common rail diesel engine when the Innova was introduced in 2004.

"We really have time to stop production because of the complaints Innova Diesel fuel quality problems are available. However, once developed, the latest version, introduced in 2007, no more problems, "beber Rouli Sijabat.

Because of these factors, too, despite the Innova Diesel is more expensive price of around Rp 15 million (for each variant) than gasoline version, now more and more devotees. Sales continue to rise.

When the car stopped at 88 for Innova Diesel automatic transmission, Leovan Widjaja, General Manager of Car 88, commented, "Innova Diesel automatic? Look half dead. The owner of Unique. They do not want to sell and use their own. The proof, they dare to buy at higher prices than gasoline versions.

Kijang Innova
Kijang Innova Diesel consume standard biosolar

Toyota Innova
average speed 70 km/h, gear 5 and 2.000 rpm
Innova Diesel
Tests through heavy traffic jam!
Toyota Kijang
Relax on the third gear, the speed of 35 km / h with rpm 1800

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