Test Drive Avanza G Automatic : Efficient and agile in the hills

Avanza G Automatic Test Drive
kredit toyota avanza bandung

Agile, efficient and comfortable. That's the full picture when a number of automotive journalists testing the Avanza GA / T 1.3 between Jakarta - Puncak to Bandung on November 25 to 26.

After having successfully launched on 17 November 2009, PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) held a two-day tour Avanza G Automatic test drive for journalist, 25 - 26 November 2009. Route for test drive this time through the path towards the destination location Bandung summit.

Routes at Puncak intentionally selected to show toughness and agility automatic Avanza. "If the others to avoid Puncak, we chose a route that is famous for its streets and winding climb, because we want journalists to feel the advantages of this new Avanza engine directly, "said TAM Public Relations Head, Rouli Sijabat.

The event was followed by 31 journalists, both print and electronic is officially released by the TAM General Manager (GM) Marketing, Widyawati.

"Avanza 1.3 automatic is launched upon market demand. Indeed, many consumers ask Avanza 1.3 on automatic version. They want to rest their left foot on the city-jammed situation" she said.

Before attending the session ‘Toyota Avanza Journalist Test Drive Tour, journalists are given brief instructions about the automatic transmission found in the Toyota Avanza G A/T 1.3 by Iwan Abdurahman, Technical Service Department of PT TAM. There is also a debriefing of how to drive safely by Director of Indonesia Defensive Driving Centre (IDDC) Bintarto Agung. Its obviously complete!

After lunch, the group rolled with nine cars Toyota Avanza G A/T 1.3 filled in three to four people in each car. Taking a toll route in the city and proceed to the toll Jagorawi, car was driven by the ideal speed 60-80 km / hour.

After toll, field is a much different feel to journalists with his car each. On the path to Puncak is a winding uphill, and jurnalist were behind the steering wheel and switching transmission shift from position D to 3, 2 and L when conquer a variety of climbs. "It was quite powerful for a 1.3 engine with automatic transmission, its gobble sharp corners and winding," he said.

Apart from the Puncak Pass, along the contour of the mountains toward Padalarang between Cipanas and Cianjur, make the driver again shift the transmission to simplify the machine work. Again, no problem, if you are already used to playing with automatic transmission. Bas well as for those not familiar,do not hesitate to move from the position of the drive (D) to 3 or 2.

Not only enjoy Bandung at night, the journalists were brought back into the city of Bandung in the morning to shop for souvenirs. Jammed in the middle of town is no longer a problem. Moreover, its fuel consumption is fairly economical. Who's afraid!

Before arriving in Jakarta, in the rest area Cikampek km 42, the journalists try to calculate fuel consumption Avanza. Average 1:10 or 1:11. Quite ideal for a car that is suitable for young families.

Fitur Kenyamanan (Comfort) Toyota Yaris 2010

Convenience and Comfort Features Toyota Yaris 2010 .

Luggage space
(All Type)

Fitur Kenyamanan (Comfort) Toyota Yaris 2010
The more comfortable to travel with friends or family with the Yaris, in the normal position of the trunk can carry 274 liters, while the two chairs had been moved forward (sliding) (type S) to 363 liters, and when both rear seats folded flat on the floor able to carry 737 liters

Electric power Steering (All Type)
toyota yaris 2010
Full total convenience and driving comfort on Yaris, equipped with electric power technology + tilt steering on the steering wheel will make it easy to maneuver and steering wheel height adjustment according to the driver's wishes and comfort

Electric Back Door Opener (Type S limited)
harga toyota yaris bekas
The driver can simply open the back door when the smart key near the vehicle

Smart Entry (Type S Limited)
harga toyota yaris baru
If it detects the smart key, the door opens automatically when you hold the handle and then locks when the button is pressed.

Smart Start System (Type S Limited)
toyota yaris 2010
Turn the vehicle so easily just by pressing the start button engine

Interior Toyota Yaris 2010

Interior Toyota Yaris 2010

Audio (1 CD Indash + MP3 + WMA)

4 Speaker (Type E, Type J)
6 Speaker (Type S)
Interior Toyota Yaris 2010
A simple design but modern and has many functions of the audio such as MP3 & WMA (Windows Media Audio) and DSP (Digital Sound Processor) 4 speakers pamper driver and passengers to arrange the songs and music of your choice.

Audio Jack (All Type)
AC Register Ring Fringe (All Type)
Steering Switch (All S)
Door Trim ( Type)
yaris baru
Futuristic design of the door trim panels with arm rest and power windows operational three-dimensional shape and ergonomics make it easy for drivers to adjust the Yaris operational window and door

Sporty Seats (All Type)
Yaris dengan premium
Forms a curve to the sporting fabric on the seats with the material and a black color (type S) with a blend of two interior colors & dark gray, light gray to meet the desires of young drivers on the vehicle that sporty and elegant in the interior

Loop Design (All Type)
yaris susah start
Loop design styles connecting lines on the roof interior with front and rear arm rest, curve shaped showing the impression that fused futuristic and luxurious on the interior

(Center Meter Combination with Optitron - All Type)
apa perbedaan antara toyota yaris tipe e dan j
Views luxurious interior clearly visible on the adoption optitron combination-meter with white illumination provides optimal lighting for drivers to monitor and find out driving conditions

Smart Start System (Type S AT Limited)
cara mengemudi transmisi yaris type s a/t
Without having to remove the key from pocket or purse, the Yaris engine be turned on by simply pressing the button Engine Start Stop to meet the desires of young people will be vehicles with advanced technology and the practicality of driving

Buttons on Power Window, Power Door Lock, Power Window Lock (All Type)
harga baru yaris
All the function button control windows and doors were placed at one ergonomic one on the armrest and it is close to the steering wheel, in addition to providing operational ease of the driver to adjust the doors and windows also add a futuristic design with an exclusive and trendy shades on the Yaris interior

Fitur Keselamatan (Safety) Toyota Yaris 2010

2010 Toyota Yaris Safety Features

ABS (Type E, Type S)
Fitur Keselamatan (Safety) Toyota Yaris 2010
ABS (Antilock Braking System) prevents wheels locking during sudden braking on slippery road

BA (Brake Assist) - (Type E, Type S)
BA (Brake assist) provide additional braking power if the pressure is reduced when braking suddenly

Collapsible Steering Column (All Type)
harga toyota yaris baru 2010
Cup Holder (All Type)
peredam suara yaris
Bottles and beverage cans storage are located in the central part of the driver and passengers, providing convenience to Yaris passengers to put the drinks or to take it back

Dual SRS Air Bag (Type E, Type S)
Dual SRS airbags for driver and front passenger to reduce injuries during a frontal collision.

EBD (Type E, Type S)
EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) detect the load each wheel, and distribute the power that required to each wheel.

Glove Box (All Type)
toyota yaris
Yaris passenger needs to carry the luggage was neatly made possible by the availability of a lot of storage space at both driver and passenger side

GOA Body (All Type)
Body effectively protect passengers from injuries resulting from collision

Head Impact Protection Structure (All Type)
The structure of the top roof body is designed to give maximum protection to the passenger's head from impact.

High Mount Stop Lamp (All Type)
harga new yaris 2010
The Visibility of High Mount Stop Lamp with LED technology (Light Emitting Diode) provides peace of driving

Immobilizer (Type S Limited)
With immobilizer, engine can not be turned on without the original key

Seat Back Pocket & Hanger (All Type)
promo toyota yaris
The second row passengers can store luggage and their books by placing them in bags and rear seat to multi-purpose hooks that are available.

Folding Seat (All Type)
The rear seats can be folded flat to the floor producing field in the baggage room of Yaris

Rear Disc Brake
(Type S)

Yaris is equipped with 14-inch diameter disc brakes for the front and 15 inches for the rear which will ensure more effective braking with short braking distances

Height Seat Adjuster (All Type)
yaris safety
The position of the driver's seat height can be adjusted in accordance with the comforts desired by operating the driver's seat height adjuster lever.

Side Impact Beam (All Type)
Steel rod on each side of the Yaris door provide maximum benefit for protecting passengers in a cabin and keep the cabin intact during an impact from the frontal and side.

Rear Seat Sliding
(Type S)

Not only reclining, rear seat can also be sliding to provide more comfort for rear passengers to enjoy the spacious interior room.

Safety Seat (All Type)
WIL (Whiplash Injury Lessening) chair technology, reduce head and back injury during an impact from behind.

Exterior Toyota Yaris 2010


Front Bumper Ornament (All Type)
Exterior Yaris 2010

Outer Mirror with Turn Signal Lamp (Type S)
harga bumper belakang yaris

Exterior Toyota Yaris 2010
With the rear antenna with practical design and sturdy, capture the signal better and provide stylish and trendy appearance on the exterior

Ban dan Velg
Exterior Yaris 2010
Yaris looks more sporty with a larger aspect ratio (60) and 15-inch diameter alloy wheels

Door Handle
Exterior Toyota Yaris
With the grip type door handles and body-colored, the Yaris look more elegant and impressive premium luxury vehicles.

Electronic Back Door Opener (Type S Limited)
Exterior Yaris

Electric Mirror (All Type)

Spion Retractable (Type S)
Exterior Toyota Yaris
Rearview mirror can be arranged electrically from the interior with just a touch of a finger to feel confident and secure when young drivers pass narrow streets

Multi Reflector Front Lightning (All Type)
harga new toyota yaris
Headlamp design with futuristic shapes and equipped multireflector technology to add trendy in Yaris exterior appearance, that makes any young driver confident and comfortable with a maximum illumination provided.

Fog Lamp (Type S)
Exterior Toyota Yaris 2010
a sporty fog lamp give maximum illumination during foggy and rainy weather

Rear Lights
Exterior Toyota Yaris
Brake lamp with LED (Light Emitting Diode) has high visibility.

Radiator Grille
Exterior Toyota Yaris
Sporty & trendy look of the front side of the Yaris seemed clear to the shape of hexagonal radiator grille with Toyota logo in the center and chrome plated

Side Protection Moulding (Type S)
Exterior Toyota Yaris 2010
Side spoiler and side moldings fused with body, give a dynamic impression

Smart Entry (Type S Limited)
Exterior Toyota Yaris 2010
Even when the driver took the keys in his pocket or purse, the driver can open and close the door with a smart key entry without having to remove from his bag or pocket

Front and Rear Bumper Spoiler(Type S)
Exterior Toyota
Equipped with a spoiler, the front and rear bumpers look more stylish and sporty

Roof Spoiler
With rear Roof Spoiler makes you look more stylish and sporty

Aero Mudguard (Type S)
Foglamp Eyebrow (All Type)
New Hood Ornament (All Type)

Foto Gambar Toyota Kijang Innova 2010

Photos and Images of Toyota Kijang Innova 2010.

Foto Gambar Toyota Kijang Innova 2010harga innova g
harga baru  mobil innova tipe gkijang innova
kijang innova diesel toyota innova diesel
innova 2010 dijual toyota kijang innova
harga innova baru november 2010 daftar harga terbaru kijang innova th 2010

[click to enlarge]

Warna Toyota Kijang Innova 2010 (Color Chart)

Color List of 2010 Toyota Kijang Innova

Warna Innova
Super White
toyota innova type v
Silver Metallic
innova d4d
Light Blue Mica Metallic
harga innova
Grey Mica Metallic
kijang innova baru
Grayish Brown Metallic
kijang innova 2009
Blue Metallic
harga mobil kijang innova
Black Mica

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