Launch New Avanza 2012

new avanza 2012Launch New Avanza 2012

Widely reported of Launch New Avanza 2012, is expected to be packed end of this year, but as the salesmen of Toyota, we ourselves have not received concrete information, about the details of its pricing and models, both formally from the dealers and car manufacturers, because information like that, is confidential.

From some news portals and automotive sites on the Internet, many spyshoot pictures that have been outstanding, from the paparazzi shots, and according to the info, the difference in market prices (nett / after discount) between the current type, with the 2012 model New Avanza could reach 10 million rupiahs or more.

Options to customer;
  1. Is choosing the current model with the benefits: Ready stock - there are discounts, and other attractive packages and Gempar Toyota Promo
  2. Or choose the new type, the New Avanza 2012, which will be at launch, with conditions; Unit queued (estimated 3-4 months), no discount, price and delivery promises are not bound (depending on supply and distribution of quotas for each region).
Obviously, Avanza, type of current or a new one later, is an ideal family car for millions of people, which has been embedded in the hearts of the people of Indonesia.

Whatever model of your choice, we are ready to help make it happen ..

For the Surabaya area, further info about the launch of Avanza 2012, please contact:

Contact Toyota salesman in another city : CLICK HERE !

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