Harga Toyota New Avanza 2014

Harga Toyota All New Avanza 2014 di Surabaya

All New Avanza perform a new exterior design with a much more curvy and modern than the previous versions to give you the satisfaction of aesthetics.

- All New Exterior and Interior Design
- New 2 DIN AUDIO SYSTEM (1.5) and 1 DIN AUDIO CD MP3 (1.3G)
- New Steering Design with EPS & Tilt Steering
- New Meter Combination
- New Rear Parking Sensor with Rear Reflector
- New Side Air Ventilation Design
- New Center Air Ventilation
- New Alloy Wheel Design

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harga new avanza g 2013
avanza veloz harga 2013

Price Toyota Avanza in Surabaya as of August 1, 2014
Avanza 1.3 E M/T  F51EM/T10M       167,800,000
Avanza 1.3 E A/T  F51EA/T10M       178,350,000
Avanza 1.3 G M/T  F51GM/T10M       184,450,000
New Avanza 1.3 G M/T Luxury  F51GM/T21M       189,950,000
Avanza 1.3 G A/T  F51GA/T10M       195,150,000
New Avanza 1.3 G A/T Luxury  F51GA/T21M       200,650,000
Avanza 1.5 G M/T  F52GM/T10M       191,450,000
Avanza Veloz 1.5 M/T  F52VM/T10M       197,500,000
New Avanza Veloz 1.5 M/T Luxury  F52VM/T21M       203,500,000
Avanza Veloz 1.5 A/T  F52VA/T10M       209,000,000
New Avanza Veloz 1.5 A/T Luxury  F52VA/T21M       215,000,000
* Prices above are tentative, subject to change without prior notice.
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