Harga Toyota Etios 2015

Harga Toyota ETIOS 2015 Surabaya

harga toyota etiosThe new car made by Toyota, named Toyota Etios Valco. Using the concept of a hatchback city car. Valco use 1200 cc engine hatchback, and there are some differences

One of the advantages of Toyota Etios than the other was the engine already using the vvti technology  (variable valve timing with intelligent). Where this technology will optimize the torque to the road conditions and speed so that fuel consumption more efficient but still with a great power despite its small cc capacity, and certainly more environmentally friendly because the actual results of exhaust gas is more environmentally friendly.

toyota etios valco

Specification Toyota Etios
Hatchback Type
Engine Type : 3NR-FE
Machine : 1197 (1200)cc DOHC with 4 cylinder
Technology : VVTi
Power : 80 PS @ 5600 rpm
Torque : 104 Nm @ 3100 rpm
Transmission : 5
Acceleration : 14.08 second for 0 to 100km/hours
Length : 3775
Height : 1510
Width : 1695

Toyota Etios Prices in Surabaya as of October 1, 2014
 ETIOS 1.2 J M/T
 ETIOS 1.2 E M/T
 ETIOS 1.2 G M/T
* Prices above are tentative, subject to change without prior notice.

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